History of SRSS

The School of Religious and Social Studies (SRSS) is an interdisciplinary academic association that stimulates, promotes, and communicates social scientific research about religious and social Studies and experiences. It was founded by Graduates of the University of Punjab in 2020 as the School of Religious and Social Studies (SRSS). Today SRSS fosters interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration among more than a thousand scholars from sociology, religious studies, psychology, political science, economics, international studies, gender studies, and many other fields. The Society's current flagship publication, the Journal of Religious and Social Studies, is the most popular resource in the field. Our annual meetings bring together leading scholars in the social and behavioral scientific study of religion for three days of networking, presentations, plenary sessions, and small group meetings in a different headquarters each fall.

Funding Sources

SRSS has limited resources to carry out so many research activities. It gets support by giving membership to researchers and publishing research journal and books. In the future, SRSS has completed a plan to set up a regular publishing house which will help us with our research activities. Our team is continuing our scientific activities beyond the profit.