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School of Religious and Social Studies-SRSS is publishing the given below books. The launching Ceremony of books will be scheduled for the end of  May 2022. 


School of Religious and Social Studies-SRSS organized a serial webinar on the topic “Effective Methods of Orientalists in Hadith Studies: An Analytical Study” Dr. Mahmood Ahmad (Editor in-Cheif JRSS) was the Resource Person. He delivered a thoughtful and academically rich lecture about the methodology of orientalists and introduced their foundation of studies.

Certificates among the participants were distributed and a lecture was also recorded that will be soon shared.

Date: 24 March 2022



School of Religious and Social Studies, (Faisalabad) is organizing an interactive session to discuss the challenges and opportunities for Muslim women in the modern-day world.

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Report on Guest Lecture by Dr. Paul Hedges, on writing skills with critical approaches in Religious Studies

(29 November 2021) School of Religious and Social Studies (Faisalabad), hosted a guest lecture on the Study Skills program. This was intended to raise interest in study skills and to complement the in–house offered lectures.  Dr. Paul Hedges (Associate Professor of Interreligious Studies at the Studies in Interreligious Religious in Plural Societies Programme (SRP), S. Rajaratnam School of International Relations (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore), gave a talk and addressed various ideas about the study and writing methods, offering practical advice on critical approaches, and on ways that students can use and interact effectively with secondary sources when doing individual research and when writing essays in Islamic Studies. He used a range of examples, including news items on student issues, in order to demonstrate the difference between subjective and objective approaches, and he suggested the best ways of using greater perspective when engaging with potentially contentious issues. The talk also included a detailed segment on deploying secondary sources in academic writing, in which he offered close readings of several examples intended to contrast ineffectual methods with effective techniques, to demonstrate ways that essay–writers can engage in a dialogue with the academic community in Religious and biblical studies. The lecture was well attended, and the resource person agreed to be videoed, so the talk has been made available on the Study Skills Moodle for this year's and future Islamic studies students. In the end, Dr, Yasir Farooq Editor of the Journal of Religious and Social Studies, thanked the audience and briefly introduced SRSS and its objectives.

Dated: 30 November 2021


The first online lecture on the history of the Qur'an was organized by the School of Religious and Social Studies-SRSS, Faisalabad on Friday, October 22, 2021. In all, more than one hundred (100) teachers and scholars from different universities and academia participated. Conducting this series of Quranic lectures is a part of the research and scholarly activities of the SRSS.

The lecture started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and after that Dr. Muhammad Mansha Tayyab, Assistant Editor JRSS presented the letter of thanks and invited the guest speaker Dr. Anas Sarmini, Professor of Faculty of Islamic Studies, Istanbul 29 Mayis University, Turkey,  Who delivered a research-oriented lecture on "History of the Qur'an and Research of Western Thinkers". Referring to Qur'anic verses and hadith, he reasonably refuted the skepticism about the history of the Qur'an and its authenticity and presented a critical study of the research of Western scholars and thinkers. At the end of the lecture, Dr. Yasir Farooq, Editor JRSS, thanked the audience and gave a detailed introduction and further timeline regarding the upcoming series of lectures.

Dated: October 24, 2021.



School of Religious and Social Studies-SRSS just arranged a research workshop with the collaboration of Al-Riaz Qura'nic Research Centre, Bahawalpur, on the topic of Contemporary Trends in Islamic Studies. A brief introduction about the School of Religious and Social Studies has been conveyed to the scholars of M.Phil. and Ph.D. In Islamic studies. Dr. Yasir Farooq Editor Journal of Religious and Social Studies and Dr. Muhammad Ayaz Editor of International Research Journal of Islamic Studies were the resource persons and they presented and delivered rich lectures and conducted practical activities among the scholars. On the occasion, students of Islamic studies participated in the workshop with full devotion. Certificates among the participants were distributed after the workshop. (Report: Usman Ali)

Date: Sep 2, 2021.


School of Religious and Social studies is planning to arrange a Virtual International Webinar at the End of November 2022. Detailed information will be shared very soon.